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👋 Hello there,

We’re Francis Plaza and Luis Sia. In early 2019, we co-founded PayMongo with a shared mission of growing the internet economy of emerging markets by empowering more businesses to get paid online.

The next ten years will fundamentally shift the Philippines and Southeast Asia's economy towards becoming more driven by technology. Like PayMongo, we believe there are more businesses out there that may serve as crucial infrastructure for growing the region's internet economy over the next decade.

That’s why today, we are excited to launch 335 Fund to support early-stage companies that we believe are fundamental in accelerating this unprecedented period of growth.

When it comes to investing in the Philippines, you often hear that the market is too small or the community is not mature enough to develop generational companies. While the country holds a strategic location, improved internet penetration and increased digital access, others will claim that Filipino businesses are too set in traditional ways—or perhaps the infrastructure is underdeveloped.

The winners of the next decade will come from those who have the grit and conviction to solve those challenges today. Some of these entrepreneurs will be underestimated, while others will be overlooked because they violate the popular narrative. It is, therefore, our mission to put capital into promising companies that will help enable the rapid creation of new opportunities and wealth in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, as we have never seen before.

We're humbled to write angel cheques in a few amazing companies that we believe will radically reshape our economy in the decades to come.


CompanyOver the next decade and beyond
NextPay (YC W21)
Digital financial services for businesses will further enable new wave of entrepreneurs
MadEats (YC S21)
Ghost kitchens will serve as key infrastructure for the future of the food and beverage industry
Connecting global talents together will change how ideas and, in turn, new enterprise are shaped
Avion School (YC W21)
Access to great engineering talents will be pivotal to the growth of our digital economy
On Demand Deals
Innovation in the digital and physical infrastructure of online fulfillment is necessary to support the explosion of growth in on demand commerce
As the economy goes online, it is essential that businesses have access to tools that scale to their logistical needs
Distinction between e-sports and sports will be blurred and the younger generation will be key in powering this new industry

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